About us

We are software engineers, DIY builders and esk8 enthusiasts. We are also the people behind the successful DAVEGA X and Metr Pro modules. Working on these projects has given us a lot of know-how and experience that we now transfer into the new Voyage Systems product line. We enjoy creating beautiful things, writing clean code, and we take pride in not compromising on quality. With all that, we aim to make the world's best telemetry devices.

Roman Pasichnyk

Roman is a full-stack engineer with a wide knowledge of technologies. He's the one to solve problems and get things done. Apart from skating on electric skateboards he also skates on inline skates. He is so fast that he can easily join esk8 group rides without falling behind and he definitely outperforms even the largest batteries in terms of range.

Jan Pomikálek

Jan has a PhD in computer science and he likes tinkering with electronics. He used to ride all kinds of wind-propelled things such as windsurfs or kiteboards but of late he tends to grab his DIY electric skateboard instead. He also takes it to a race circuit occasionally and while he may not be the fastest on the track, he's definitely the one who put the most love into his machine.