Minnie is a successor of the popular Metr Pro CAN module. It comes with the BE-180 GPS module and with 16 MB of built-in flash memory. Therefore, it does not require an SD card for offline ride logging. Logs can be automatically synced with cloud using the 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi. There are two CAN ports that allow daisy chaining. Minnie is compatible with the Metr mobile app as well as with the VESC Tool.

Main features

Ride logging. 16 MB flash memory. Log visualisation on Google Maps (see example).
Smart BMS integration. Cell voltages, charge current, balancing info. Ennoid BMS, FlexiBMS, DieBieMS, Daly BMS.
Mobile app. Easy setup. Change VESC settings. Riding modes. Parts lifespan tracking.
Connectivity. BLE, Wi-Fi, CAN bus, GPS.

Compared to other products

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