Voyage Megan

Megan is a display for personal electric vehicles running on VESC™ controllers. It combines the features of our older products -- DAVEGA X and Metr Pro.

Compared to DAVEGA, Megan offers a slightly larger display and a much improved performance. Screen switching is now lightning fast.

Megan has all the features of the Metr Pro bluetooth module. It is compatible with the Metr mobile app as well as with the VESC Tool.

Megan comes with a built-in GPS module and 16 MB of flash memory to allow offline ride logging without the mobile app.

Main features

On-screen realtime data. Speed, battery state-of-charge, consumption, remaining range, min/max current.
Ride logging. 16 MB flash memory. Log visualisation on Google Maps (see example).
Smart BMS integration. Cell voltages, charge current, balancing info. Ennoid BMS, FlexiBMS, DieBieMS, Daly BMS.
Mobile app. Easy setup. Customize screen info. Change VESC settings. Riding modes. Parts lifespan tracking.
Connectivity. BLE, Wi-Fi, UART, CAN bus, GPS.


Compared to other products

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